Morgan Golf Design, Inc.,           






Morgan Golf Design offers professional services that provide for total golf course design. We provide services for new course design, restoration, renovation, and the design of practice and teaching facilities. These services are accomplished as outlined in the following:


The design process begins with a study of the site  using aerial photos, topographic surveys, and on site investigation. The purpose of this study is to determine the suitability of the site. Working with the owner's land use planner, and consultants, we will develop a site plan that is acceptable to the owner, and that will maximize the owner's development, while providing for high-quality golf.

Final routing plans will be prepared, that accurately indicate the location of the golf course corridors; the length, direction, centerline, and par of each hole. The project surveyors will then stake the routing. We will then walk the centerline of each hole to make fine adjustments to the plan. We then develop a strategy for each hole - sketching in green shapes/sizes, bunker locations, mounds, grassy hollows, swales, lakes, etc. - that accurately defines the strategic concept for the golf course. We also develop an aesthetic concept, which utilizes the unique shapes, forms, features, and materials of the site, to consolidate the golf course into the overall "concept" for the  development.

From the routing, we prepare the plans, specifications and drawings, which are necessary to construct the golf course. The plan documents include the routing and strategy plan; proposed grading plan; golf course drainage plan; greens plans; grassing plan; and conceptual plans for bridging, abutments, and other such items, at the appropriate scales. Included also, will be specifications for greens soil mix as recommended by the United States Golf Association, and such additional specifications as may be necessary to construct the golf course. Morgan Golf Design will consult with the Owner prior to and during the actual construction. During this consultation we shall make recommendations to the owner regarding suitable contractors; the pre-bid and post-bid process; and the letting of contracts for construction.

During construction, supervisory services will be performed to monitor the contractor’s adherence to the plans and specifications as provided by Morgan Golf Design. After each on-site inspection, we will provide the owner with a written progress report outlining any changes, which we deem appropriate within the constraints of  the project budget. We will also review cash disbursement requests by the contractor, and advise the owner as to whether or not they meet the payment schedule determined by the owner. During construction, we will recommend for rejection or disapproval any construction which fails to meet the requirements of the construction drawings or specifications, or our standards.

These comprehensive design and consultation services are essential in providing for high quality, golf course design; and we insure its implementation through regular on-site construction inspection.

Our ultimate goal when becoming associated with a golf course project, is to make the people we work for successful.  Because after all, the most important golf course project to us is the one that we are working on.